Introduction to division


Introduction to division

R&D division

R&D tasks for all solution businesses for maintaining our business,
including R&D for Mainline’s own solution, our future, AI, natural language processing,
and insurance domain knowledge

Business insight


Analytic thinking

Problem-solving ability



SW development division

All tasks related to professional SW businesses for customers and the
company’s management goals including SW development, SW planning, SW quality, SW installation
and performance

Programming language

Knowledge and understanding on hardware & software

Collaboration skills

Patience & physical strength

Sales division

Tasks for managing performances, customers,
and sales through all sales activities, including various B2B, B2C, and B2G,
using company solutions and services

Interpersonal relationship skills

Strategic thinking

Marketing insight

Driving force

Management support division

Entire tasks concerning various organizational culture, works among coworkers,
and external customer contracts, including securing the top competitiveness compared with other companies,
maintaining management philosophy, personnel management, improving wage system,
investment management, and creating culture in the workplace


Analytic thinking

Executive skills



Flexible thinking

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