Personnel system


Personnel system

Evaluation system

An operating evaluation system focused on performance and competency, conducting the system twice a year Organizational assessment: Competency and key performance indicator (KPI) with affiliated groups

Compensation system

Implementing a differential compensation system depending on affiliated groups and individual performances

Performing compensation system mixed well with annual salary, promotion, and performance-based bonus

Conducting selection for promotion depending on individual competency and performance

Welfare benefits

Mainline support for welfare focusing on work-life balance

Self-development Rewards Working life Family love Leisure life Operating clubs in the workplace Morning coffee time Family day CAN day Taking annual leaves freely Summer vacation Maternity leave Paternity leave Restful lunchtime Free dress code Providing free coffee& snacks Operating theemployee’s lounge Providing supportfor lunch & dinner Four major insurances &corporate insurance Working 40 hours a week Implementing a 52-hourworkweek scheme Supporting school expenses(one’s own/ children) Providing supportfor work-related lectures Providing work-related books Youth TomorrowFilling Deduction Supporting family events Offering performance-based bonus Offering birthday gifts Providing holiday gifts Leisure life Operating clubs in the workplace,Morning coffee time, Family day, CAN day Family love Taking annual leaves freely, Summer vacation, Maternity leave,Paternity leave Working life Restful lunchtime, Free dress codeProviding free coffee & snacks Operating the employee’s loungeProviding support for lunch & dinner Rewards Four major insurances & corporate insurance,Working 40 hours a week,Implementing a 52-hour workweek scheme,Youth Tomorrow Filling Deduction,Supporting family events,Offering performance-based bonus,Offering birthday gifts,Providing holiday gifts Self-development Supporting school expenses(one’s own/ children),Providing support for work-related lectures,Providing work-related books

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