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Mainline is a creative, people-oriented company.

Mainline is a group of creative, professional, and passionate people.

We respect the ideas of individuals and relationships among people. We operate under the
principle of autonomous control, in a horizontal business, not in a vertical organizational system.
In addition, we are a company where an individual can become a leader through his or her merit
and ability, rather than by seniority gained through experience and academic background.
In this way, we are creating a model company that IT professionals want to join.

Mainline unveils solutions that are unprecedent in the world through R&D.

We seek to recreate documents with a higher value added by utilizing parsing,
natural language processing, AI, etc. of enormous information that the company possesses
(DOC, HWP, PPT, EXL, PDF, etc.).
The application of this project is in the insurance industry (products, compensation, payments, etc.).
Currently, we are releasing various insurance products as an "insurtech" company.

Mainline is a company filled with passion and energy.

Since its establishment, Mainline has developed MCP platforms such as
Magic One, Magic Claim, MagicTerms, MagicPV, etc. Going beyond simple solutions,
it is leading the way in the SW market with products that are ahead of the times.
I believe that the passion and creativity of all members will come together to unveil
new products and solution-based services.

To this end, we will move forward to
achieve our vision as a global company.

CEO Choi Hyun-gil

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