Introducing Mainline


Introducing Mainline

Mainline’s Mission

We provide the best service to our customers through development of the world's best SW.


We set as our priority sustainable profit management.


We strive to achieve a happy workplace for the company, shareholders, customers, and employees, based on trust.


We focus on the world’s best creative R&D.


We guarantee happiness in life for all those legally involved with us.

Vision of Mainline

We lead the global SW market and aim to become a world-class SW company helping our customers to achieve happiness and satisfaction through the software we developed. Our employees feel rewarded for their passion and creativity for our software, and through this, we will become a happy company where everyone can achieve self-development while maintaining a close relationship with other employees.

Best SW Company

Trusted Company


Creative Company

Warm and Humane Company

Critical Success Factors, CSF

In order to successfully carry out the mission vision, we need CSF (Critical Success Factors). There are a total of eight CSFs at Mainline.


We make innovative improvements in processes through creative development and planning.


We are professionals in technology and business, creating a foundation for SW expertise and leadership.


We perform our tasks with sincerity to satisfy both ourselves and customers.

Customer satisfaction

We serve our customers to make them happy.

Employee satisfaction

We serve each other to make our employees and their families happy.

Profitable management

We continuously improve the procedures and processes to enable profitable management, based on innovation.

Trust and love

We communicate with trust and love with everyone ─ employees, customers, shareholders, and the company.


We create the best synergy through mutual cooperation and collaboration within the organization, with customers, and technology.

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