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Natural language processing


Natural language processing

Analyzing table of contents and sentences of all documents

For providing services, MCP engine itself organizes patterns based on the category of basic documents on insurance, the table of contents, and sentence analysis. This makes it quicker to provide the results of the rapid movement of items, problems, and reference relationships. After the sentence analysis, MCP also provides quick searches and bulk changes through real-time indexing.

Natural language processing

Natural language processing is essential to all documents. With preprocessing, tokenization, token embedding, and document embedding, tokens of a corpus for insurance business into vectors to perform continuous learning are made possible. Such learning of natural language processing is conducted based on our continuous R&D. We strive to provide new products and the relationships among insurance policies, calculation method sheets, business manuals, and policies through AI.

Automatically creating insurance proceed calculation rules using policy parsing

Through the automatic parsing of information on insurance policies, we provide automatic calculation of insurance proceeds by combining premium payment rules. This can be available to B2B or B2C and facilitates services for all securities, including daily wages, expenses, and actual damages.

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