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AI technology

Crawling policy documents from all insurance company in Korea

Based on the public announcement from all insurance and life insurance companies in Korea, Mainline automatically crawls policies to secure big data for all information on products in unstructured text, therefore obtaining information on PF by product.

OCR learning of medical bill receipt

We selectively make numerous OCR engines embedded at home and abroad to provide products in the forms of AIR (1 type), AIR Vision (2 types), and AIR Vision Plus (3 types). In other words, we encourage customers to easily select various AI engines with different results for each model as plug-ins with the aim of providing an AI OCR engine that has the top recognition rate.

Natural language processing of policy and machine learning with big data

Policies and various documents secured by crawling are classified as documents and products. Among the details of the product, we draw factors and elements for the payment of insurance proceeds including security, detailed security, and benefits, etc. to provide information that is applicable for system estimation and automatic payment. We also provide the accompanying business logic check.

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