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Insurance Business

Developing a new insurance product

New insurance product: New products at the development stage require not only numerous basic documents, but also calculating new insurance premiums, the subsequent risk rates, and business expenses. This helps refer to the existing registered information of products, security, and benefits, ultimately to provide an automatic calculating system for basic documents and PV (under development).

Performing revised and renewed insurance

All insurance companies carry out business for revised and renewal products. The process of renewal, particularly, is time consuming for the product development team (revision of insurance policy, calculation method sheet, and business manual, and the subsequent premium recalculation, etc.) In response, our solution helps refer you to renewal products before the expiry date to provide solutions to works including version control, recalculating premiums, a written confirmation request, and a model points creation.

Managing a basic document

The core of basic document management starts from managing documents. In terms of document management needed for attachment, renewal, and revision, such tasks cannot be handled either by other companies or by document management alone. MCP conducts version, authority, bulk editing, and indexing of such basic document information to provide a quick search and correction. MCP also provides customized insurance as its extended function.

Managing an insurance product (PF)

Insurance product management provides information that is quickly connected with tasks by database or real-time extraction of product information (managing factors of policy contents, extracting elements for calculating payments, and extracting the values of business manuals and calculation method sheets).

Conducting audit, system estimation, and claim

MCP handles all information on policies with natural language processing to quickly provide functions for calculating, verifying, and auditing premiums. Linked with application, information input, customer information, and contract information, MCP also provides automatic linkage and functions for system estimation, easy payment & automatic payment, and audit.

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